About Bayan Charters

Bayan is a company that grew from the passion for boating, always aware of the challenges that come with it. Our main goal, that is achieved throw an array of services, is to allow our clients to have the best experience on board, either a charter or on privately owned scenario. Meet our Team!

José Gonçalves GOmes

Founder of Bayan Charters & Captain at Bayan Charters

Gonçalo Brito

Operations Manager & Captain at Bayan Charters

Gani Pavlova

Cuisine Chef of Feel The Blue

Zeca Oliveira monteiro

Deckhand at Bayan Charters

édis junior

General Maintenance & Captain at Bayan Charters

Zé Eugénio de almeida

Captain at Bayan Charters

Daniel Gomes Fróis

Deckhand at Bayan Charters

Manuel Dantas

Captain at Bayan Charters

Assunção Sousa Vieira

Accounting & Organization

Leonor Sá Pinto

Marketing & Sales
BAYAN owns a beautiful sailing boat that we charter along with other outstanding boats. We have all the know-how to make your week or day trip unique. Let us know your dream sailing trip and we will make it happen.
As a constant necessity, boats need to be transported from one destination to another, and that’s how we started BAYAN. We have been doing it for several years now and we absolutely prioritize the crew and boats safety.
Currently managing six boats full time, and extra boats every season, we have come across a great deal of situations. We prime for good and long lasting repairs.
In BAYAN we have performed a great deal of registrations. From new boat registrations to flag changing, boat sales and purchases. We are ready to assist you in all areas.
Being crew ourselves, gives us an unique hands-on experience that helps us to discern the essential qualities through out our hiring process. We prioritize individuals who embody competence, a positive temperament, honesty, and a respectful demeanor, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for you.
Unfortunately owning a boat means a lot of bureaucracy. From taxes to permits, don’t let these issues keep you from your sleep.