logo design

We first start with creating a logo that suits you or your boat (if you don’t have any). In case you prefer we leave just the name in a nice lettering.

bed linens

How great is it for you to arrive to your cabin at the end of the day and sleep on comfortable high quality linen with the detail of your boats name gently embroided on your linen.That’s what we call on board refinement.


Having clean and nicely personalized towels is also very important in our view. Don’t forget the towels spend most of the time outside or even hanging on the railings of the boat. They end up being the first thing outsiders notice when staring at your boat.


When having a meal with guests on board how great is to greet them with linen or cotton napkins embroided your boats name. Besides that we have noticed that not only is more eco freindly but also pratical to assort each guest with a napkin that will stay with them until the rest of their stay.

wine bottles

As most boat owners know bottles of wine are a customary gift to give when embarked to marina crews or even other boats. What better gift than a bottle of your own boat.You would be impressed by the quality of our wines ready to be personalized.

crew uniforms

The Crew uniform is in our opinion the most important personalization. Every proud crew or boat owner would like to arrive to port using their boats identity. After all, she is the one responsible to bring you safe to port.